Lieber Samu Rai!
Ich liebe Deine Worksops weil ich speziell bei den Workshops wirklich meinen Körper spüre. Durch die Energie der Gruppe komme ich viel besser in diese Konzentration, daß das Üben soleicht macht... [Read more]


Dear Samu Rai,
last weekend I came to your Elongation Reformer Seminar.  had several reasons to come and on of the reasons was to get a new enthusiasm for the Pilates method. And i got a new enthusiasm again - but not because of the method itself but because of your deep approach.
During doing exercises I felt POWER WITHOUT FORCE coming from a smile. Power without a force is your motto and ... [Read more]


Samu Rai, fühl dich umarmt!
Trainieren und WS bei Dir besuchen ist immer lebendig und interessant; intensiv psychische und physische Arbeit. Mein Zugang zum Pulatestraining wurde - Dank Samu Rai - lebendiger, verständlicher, funktioneller.
Die Trainingsanleitungen sind derart ideenreich, mit einem individuellen Zugang zur Person.  S.R. zeigt mit seiner Arbeitsweise wie man Bewegungsabfolgen effizient in die Übung bringt und der Geist den Körper beherrscht...
[Read more]


Dear Charleston!
Thank you for everything you do for me! I am very happy and grateful that I met you and have the chance to learn from you. I've always loved to come to you, even when I was struggling with my mind, irritations and illusions. You've shown me a path to truth and I enjoy learning to wal on il, even when Im still on the beginning of a journey that will never end ... [Read more]


Dear SamuRai,
Thank you again for this great workshop! How you teach Pilates is fascinating, exiting and challenging. You go so deep, that it's a joy and a great benefit for all who may experience it (you know that anyway...) - and it makes hungry for more and more and more...

Eva R.

Dear Samu Rai,
… some days ago there was an elderly limping lady - convinced she is not even able go for a nice walk, because she obviously might have a very very serious injury at her left knee …. then she met a very nice witch-doctor …. and now she has completely forgotten that she ever had knee problems I do not know what you have done with this damned knee, but: THANK YOU - it is a great feeling to run around without any pain :-))))Have a nice day. Eva
usually I want to understand how things work, but now I have given up trying to understand :-) the people in my office are already taking me to be a hypochondriac, one day I am limping, angry about my hurting knee, the other day (after having been at bodyhood) - I am running around as if there never ever had been any problem- in any case: seems that you are a miracle healer … THANK YOU once more for "healing" :-))) Have a nice day - looking forward to seeing you on Friday Eva


Lieber Samu,
pilates ist mir sehr wichtig, womöglich ist es der Schlüssel hin zu mir. Ich bin sehr froh, dich als Lehrer gefunden zu haben, könnte mir keinen besseren wünschen... [Read more]


Dear Charleston,
....Pilates I discovered is amazing for strengthening my muscles, and is a good foundation for the body to dance. I feel a lack of guidance. You were a great teacher for me not only because of your knoledge but also how you presented it, and how you approached it in general... [Read more]

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