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What does Bodyhood and “Power without Force” stand for?

Bodyhood means
To inhabit your body fully
To be rooted deep within yourself and
To feel your body from within.

Bodyhood describes the state of presence felt deeply in the body characterized by self-awareness, self knowledge, and self empowerment, to be self-orientated instead of guru-orientated.

BODYHOOD PILATES is the Pilates Method taught functionally and not structurally, as Joseph Pilates intended. 

Power without Force is a functional, and not a metaphysical or mystical concept. It means: "The path of least resistance"

  1. The ability to carry out an action with the minimum of resistance.
  2. The ability to initiate movement from the core starting from a released state.

The structural functionalism symbol is the logo of Bodyhood Pilates. This spherical form symbolises the antithetical and two directional function of energy, of tension and relaxation, contraction and expansion, moving  towards the centre and moving away from the centre, moving away from the world and moving towards the world.  
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